Daniel Carbone — Freelance Digital Artist based in LONG ISLAND, NY

(2014-2016) School Assignments

3D Models

These projects are my earliest attempts at learning to use Maya and Zbrush at Pratt Institute. The projects consisted mainly of scenery pieces. Some examples included a basic city with no textures. This was my first attempt at Maya which included a city combining Roman and Wild West architecture.

ForSchool Assignments DateFall 2014 -May 2015
RoleModeler,Designer, Renderer

One of my very first 3D modeling assignments. My instructor, Prof. Everett Kane, challenged us with designing a city environment that is a combination of two separate time periods in history. Being a history buff, I had many to choose from. I eventually settled on two of my favorite periods of study in history, The Ancient Romans and the American Wild West,

The project went through several preparatory stages. The first stage was finding references for the different styles of buildings and architecture found in the two periods. Everything was referenced on the two periods, from rundown rustic frontier towns to the elaborate roofing of Roman senate buildings.

The second stage was organization and positioning. This was the tricky part. It was necessary to find a way to emphasize the rugged slapstick simplicity and disorganization of western frontier towns, and the organized complex city planning of bustling ancient Rome.

One my biggest additions to the city was props and scenery. In every movie and depiction of ancient Rome and the Wild West there’s many simple elements in the surroundings that add to the overall character of the city. It could be the crates to provide cover from gun fights, carriages to transport frontiersmen, or barrels full of the Romans famous wine. Each piece added, provides just a little more character to the over all scene at large. One of the best additions I feel, was the telegraph lines.They helped connect every building and block of the city, which gives a sense of unity to these two completely different time periods trying to coexist.

Once the overall design of the of the city was nearing completion, I noticed a sense of barrenness to much of the Wild West architecture. I realized that without a hint to their character, they could easily be miss-identified as that of a different unintended time period. After re-referencing many Wild West structures, I realized that signage was needed. Classic Americana advertising (gunsmiths,tobacco advertisements,ranch logos,etc..) from western businesses was utilized to make the viewer realize, “A saloon?, It’s the Wild West!”.

The main courtyard, was a difficult aspect of the city to perfect. I wanted a big opening arial view of the city. To achieve this an interesting piece of the city needed to be clearly visible to the viewer. I originated with a walled off courtyard, but it gave off a confining look that clashed with the cities overall style. Instead I decided to make the courtyard a two entranced shipping and packing yard for trade caravans. Then decided to load the area with crates, boxes and carriages and a ranch logo on the front entrance. The two entrances leading to the main road of the city, also help lead the viewers eyes into the rest of the city environment.