Daniel Carbone — Freelance Digital Artist based in LONG ISLAND, NY

The Lounge

3D model environment

This project was created using Maya and Photoshop. Cigars, fine whiskeys and bourbons were my inspiration for this piece. The style for the bar was developed from images of old pubs and rustic/classy style cigar lounges. The decorum was developed from early black and white photographs of NY speakeasies. Much of the background decorations were developed from cigar advertisements and alcohol brands. Pin ups and advertisements from the Golden Age of Hollywood also served as decorative pieces.


I neither own or am licensed to any of the brands, products, films, people or personas represented in this projects. This was a personal not for profit art project and all the brands, films and likenesses belong to their respective owners.

ForPersonal Project RoleModeler, Designer, Renderer, Editor
Datefall 2017

bar view

full view